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Without Warning


The first time was almost an accident; an annoying woman, yapping into her phone, pushed in front of a train with the slightest of nudges. In the ensuing hullabaloo it wasn’t hard to get lost in the crowd, though later he found the adrenalin fix lingered on. Killing was easy. It gave him a buzz and proved there were certain things that he could do.

The Tube was a relatively new experience which got him out of his virtual prison and enabled him to mix with the public at large. The incident had been spur of the moment, the victim chosen because of her manner and the way she ignored the commuters packed all around her. Though he was unable to catch what she was saying, the facial grimaces had been enough. She was overweight and her lipstick was smudged. He found her existence offensive. It took little more than a flick of the wrist to knock her off balance on her fashionable shoes and into the path of the approaching Circle Line train.

Alone and faceless in the milling crowd, he experienced a taste of what could be achieved. Next time he would come prepared and select his target more precisely.

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