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6 May

The sun is out, the forecast is good and today is the May bank holiday.   I, however, shall be working as usual.    It is time that I finished this book.    The best advice I can give any writer is to do some writing EVERY DAY.    I aim at 8 hours….and more or less keep that up.


26 Jan

The seaside was COLD (but the restaurant was hot and we stayed there most of the afternoon.   I met a man on the train who invited me out (all right, I already knew him but still.)


25 Jan

Freezing Friday and I am off to the seaside.   Somehow I don’t think I’ll paddle though.  Lunch at the water’s edge with a writer friend.


9 Jan

New year, new prospects, new book almost done.    So time to update my website.    WATCH THIS SPACE.