2 Mar

and naturally it’s raining. But I’ve finally finished the synopsis for the new book. Here it is – in my usual format. Now all I have to do is write the bugger!

interlocking circles


1 Jan

Let’s hope it’s a good one.    High time that I finished the new book…


22 Dec

NOW, WHERE WERE WE? Ah yes, I’ve moved to Chiswick….

16 Dec

And it’s totally marvellous. We all three love it – especially the cats who now have their own private garden. And a very high wall to keep them in and, with luck, the foxes out.


4 Dec

So, after five months, they tracked down Orlando – living wild and sleeping under a hedge – with a very kind gentleman feeding him snacks.     And they managed to catch him and bring him home!   He seems quite unfazed by his big adventure, has hardly stopped purring since he entered the house which is entirely new to him but in which he is very relaxed.    Amadeus took a couple of days to forgive him for his long absence but now they are back to being best pals and sleep in my bed again.   So now I can get on with my writing.

About time too!



JUBILATION! My boy is back…Happy Days!

3 Dec



15 Aug

    ORLANDO 053

My beautiful eight year old Burmese cat, Orlando, went missing in Wiltshire while I was moving house (to Chiswick not Wiltshire but that is where he was staying at the time).    It has now been 7 weeks and he’s been spotted several times, living wild.    He is microchipped and we’ve told the police and everyone in that area knows but I need  him back as soon as possible, as  does my other cat, Amadeus.    WE ARE MISSING HIM SO MUCH.    He is very friendly and also bright so if you should happen to encounter him, please ask him (politely) to call home and tell him he won’t be in trouble.    Even better, invite him in and alert the police or a local vet.    Or simply contact me and I’ll come and collect him.    Heartfelt thanks.   Only then will I be able to do any writing.


12 Aug

Thank goodness, at last. Having spent 3 months moving house. To wonderful Chiswick which blows my mind. So expect my next novel to be set here.


17 Dec

…this morning, with my Burmese cat (nothing wrong; just our six monthly checkup) a distraught young woman came charging in, clutching a dog that she said had hurt its paw (and so could not walk).   

“Mind if I leave it while I park the car?”

“No,” said the receptionist.    “Not allowed.   No pet is allowed in here without a minder.”

“Just for a matter of minutes?”

“‘Fraid not,” she said.   

The others there each had a dog in tow but my Amadeus was still in his box.    Silently I held out my arms and she dumped the mutt, mumbled and fled.   It was the one and only time I ever remember embracing  a dog.   It was hairy and snuffly, not at all like my beautiful boys.

“Wouldn’t it be funny,” I commented.   “If she’d just run it over and never comes back…”   The dog had closed its eyes and appeared content.    Odder things happen;  at least it wasn’t a child.

But back she came.    Well, of course she did, along with a man with a lead in his hand.   Why he couldn’t have carried it in in the first place, God  knows.

Amadeus, by the way, was – as usual – judged perfect.









17 Oct


Having spent my whole life surrounded by boys, I never felt the need to get married.

(That’s me in the wheelbarrow).