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I am Carol Smith.

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Having worked for years as a literary agent, looking for talent and directing careers, I finally stumbled on the right idea with which to launch myself as a writer – contemporary thrillers loosely based on the concept of “What Would Happen If…?”

I wrote the first one in just nine months at weekends.It was sold on auction both here and elsewhere and, bingo, my new career was up and running. DARKENING ECHOES was published in 1995 (American title: FRIENDS FOR LIFE) since when I have written fifteen more, most of them under my real name.

After three years I closed the agency in order to focus fulltime on my own career. But I’m happy that many old clients remain my close friends.

I describe what I write as “Hitchcock-on-the-page” – psychological thrillers that are not quite crime. Among the writers I most admire are Patricia Highsmith (THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY) as well as some of our more traditional crime writers. Though I mainly steer very clear of police procedure. One reason for the gap in my recent output – TWILIGHT HOUR was published in 2008 – was that I tried my hand for a while at writing ghost stories under the pseudonym, Alex Crowe, but have now returned to my “not quite crimes” the genre I feel I more or less invented.

Thanks for sticking around (if you have). And Welcome to my Website!

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