Archive | March, 2013


16 Mar

A writer friend used the word “peruse.”    I told her that is the most irritating word in the vocabulary, a throwback to my agent days when thousands of wannabes wrote in to ask if I would read their work.    Anyone using that archaic verb I automatically declined.    Other words that also stick in my gullet are “pen” (as a verb) and “munch.”   Don’t know why.


15 Mar

After wasted days spent worrying about the work-in-hand, have reverted to my old-fashioned ways – printed it out, bought coloured stickers and shall allocate one to each different character.     Then I can shuffle the chapters and know where I am.     Easy peasy.  The old ways are often the best.   Though I hate wasting paper.


11 Mar

I know what’s wrong with the book I am halfway through writing, not enough horror or sudden shocks.    I guess I shall have to start over again and include some nastiness…..    At the moment the working title is DANGEROUS GAMES.