Archive | January, 2013


30 Jan

At last my 13th Carol Smith title is on my site under my real name.    It was published pseudonymously (as  Alex Crowe) so that not even Waterstones knew it was me.   Corrected now, fans, so please scurry out there and read it.   And if you think it is not up to scratch, I wrote it in just 4 months.


26 Jan

The seaside was COLD (but the restaurant was hot and we stayed there most of the afternoon.   I met a man on the train who invited me out (all right, I already knew him but still.)


25 Jan

Freezing Friday and I am off to the seaside.   Somehow I don’t think I’ll paddle though.  Lunch at the water’s edge with a writer friend.


21 Jan

Well, it’s not quite finished yet but you get the picture.    And I am racing along with the new book which is set in Kensington again and kicks off with the Diamond Jubilee.    How patriotic is that!


9 Jan

New year, new prospects, new book almost done.    So time to update my website.    WATCH THIS SPACE.