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25 Nov

Last night’s gale force winds have removed most of the remaining leaves in Kensington but the sun is out (here in the South) and the flat is flooded with sunshine, Elgar and the glorious scent of rosemary slowly cooking.   I invested in a purple watch and can’t stop looking at it.


23 Nov

A large part of the joy of being home is the views across London I have from my eyrie.   The flat I was renting has only three windows.   Here, one floor up, I have eleven plus a skylight and unbroken views on three sides.  I can see two major parks, a palace, St Mary Abbot’s church and The Daily Mail.   And the sunsets all year round are pretty stupendous.


21 Nov

A man in the park was feeding the birds.    At first I thought the chirruping was authentic.   Then I saw him, close to Peter Pan, his hand extended, offering them seed.   “They know me,” he said and indeed they did.    Down they came in a small dense flock, chaffinches, robins, who knows what else, and some of them perched on his hand.   A man with a fluffy white beard nearby was quietly sketching the Serpentine ducks.    Who would have thought that we were in central London.




20 Nov

Someone just mentioned Christmas!    It CAN’T be that soon.   Was going to give the Christmas party of all time but am far too busy reorganising my website.   Maybe New Year…or even Easter. We shall see.   And if you are very nice to me I may invite you…


19 Nov

Just hit the 30,000 words mark.   Guess that calls for a glass of white wine.    I know who dunnit, am now working backwards to establish convincing motivation.   (Cat just arrived on my keyboard  to okay my copy.)


14 Nov

Re interview in today’s Times, my first novel – published in 1995 and sold for a huge amount of money – ends with the following sentence:

And she firmly closed the bedroom door.

What’s good enough for Jane Austen….


13 Nov
It’s me, I am back – after only 3 years!    But I have been working, extremely hard,    Eight hours daily with scarcely a break and have completed two and a third new novels!   It’s been tough for those of us in the book world;  I ran out of money so let my flat.   But now I am back in Chateau Smith with my cats. The last time I blogged I was switching genres, at my editor’s suggestion because of the market, to writing spooky tales as ‘Alex Crowe’.    It was kept a secret so didn’t work.   Since nobody knew, no-one bothered to read it.    It sank without a trace.    I wrote a second – a much longer ghost story, set in Aldeburgh called DEGREES OF MADNESS – which I have on the shelf until things improve.  I am proud of it, believe it’s the best I have done. But right now, until the market picks up, I am back to doing what I used to do…another ‘What Would Happen if…?’ under my real name.     Best of all, my wonderful agents (Curtis Brown) have negotiated a deal with the Amazon Whiteglove project, designed to put our back titles on to Kindle very soon.    And this time the Alex Crowe is included (IN THE DEAD OF NIGHT under Carol Smith) so please keep an eye out for it.
Life is looking good again.   I am home in my eyrie with wall to wall music and the cats have resumed their places by the fire.    It feels great to be back! Stay with me, please, while I finish the new book.   I plan to stay in regular touch from now.